Starting a business

The idea of starting a business in another country can lead to many questions. Our partner OostNL will help you start yours in our area. They can help you find staff, advise you on interesting locations and provide information on relevant partners in the region.

The Netherlands has historically always been welcoming to entrepreneurs. In 2015 a scheme for non-European entrepreneurs was introduced; it allows them a year to establish their business in the Netherlands. As an entrepreneur, you will only need to apply for a temporary residence permit at first, which can then be extended by the government. This will be contingent on the start-up being guided by an experienced mentor who is already settled in the Netherlands. You can find a list with qualified facilitators here.

OostNL is recognised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency as start-up facilitator. The facilitator must have experience in guiding innovative start-ups. The facilitator provides the entrepreneur with a package of support tailored to the specific needs of the start-up. For example, the facilitator can assist with operational management, marketing, research, and investment acquisition for setting up an innovative business.

In 2018, the Dutch government organised a webinar which explained how entrepreneurs can best start their business in the Netherlands and which steps are required. You can check out that webinar here.

Oost NL

Which steps are required for entering the Dutch market? How does everything work in the Netherlands? We understand that you ambition to start a company or do business in a new region also leads to numerous questions. 

Oost NL has years of experience in the field, and in recent years over 900 companies from all over the world were assisted by this organisation. Whether you’re considering locating in the Netherlands or already have existing operations here, Oost NL assists you at every stage.

With free and confidential services, they will:

  • introduce you to the relevant networks and business partners in our ecosystem
  • share our knowledge and expertise in regard to all matters related to expanding your business
  • find the perfect premises: from lab to office, factory, warehouse, or shared facilities
  • boost matchmaking
  • provide tailor-made bidbooks
  • organise a custom-made fact-finding trip when you visit East Netherlands
  • provide assistance and support in every stage of your business expansion.


Our partner Oost NL is happy to help you on your way.