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Business sectors
The area is an innovation engine that stimulates and connects activities and developments in the sectors food, health and energy. These sectors are represented by top businesses in our region; knowledge institutes with highly educated workforce and great infrastructure in attractive cities. This page will give you more information on the industries that power the region.
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Business opportunities
We harbour innovative companies, advanced universities, state-of-the-art hospitals and hubs in the fields of food, health and energy. The region is a true economic hot spot, and this means that there are plenty opportunities to do business, develop ground-breaking ideas and create lasting partnerships. Whether you're a game changer or want to get into an existing field, all the options are here.
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Business locations
The Arnhem - Nijmegen - Wageningen area is rife with innovative spaces with advanced technological features that allow your business room to grow, and in which you can bring companies, knowledge institutes and researchers together. Apart from the state-of-the-art condition of most facilities, there are also dedicated locations for specific fields of interest.
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Our region is also only an hour away from Europe's biggest harbour: the port of Rotterdam. This means that we have direct access to many significant European and global businesses as well as to extensive sales markets. Get to know more about the sectors that power the region, its ideal business locations and the business opportunities that might be yours!

The perfect hub for doing business

Considering the area's population and economic performance, we are an excellent gateway to the European market. We also house a highly educated and skilled labour force, who all speak perfect English. Whatever you are looking for as an entrepreneur, it's all here.

Founder and CTO of Elestor Wiebrand Kout is not just proud of the big strides Elestor has made in the area of energy storage; he is also proud of their highly international and highly competent team. Clean energy is an attractive proposition to young researchers, which is why it’s not been hard to get the best brains from all over the world on board to develop Elestor’s new flow battery.

Residence permit for ambitious entrepreneurs

The Netherlands has traditionally been a country that welcomes entrepreneurial spirits and you are going to start your business in our beautiful region. Nobody likes formalities, but we will help you find the relevant information regarding start-ups in the Arnhem - Nijmegen - Wageningen area! In order to establish a startup, you need a Residence permit.

Since 2015, a new regulation enables ambitious entrepreneurs from non-EU countries to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. This gives you one year to launch an innovative business. A precondition is that your startup must be guided by an experienced mentor (facilitator) based in the Netherlands.

OostNL and Health Valley Netherlands are recognised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency as startup facilitator. The facilitator must have experience in guiding innovative startups. The facilitator provides the entrepreneur with a package of support tailored to the specific needs of the startup. For example, the facilitator can assist with operational management, marketing, research and investment acquisition for setting up an innovative business. View a listing of (other) qualified facilitators.

Constantly connecting on (inter)national level

As director of KIEMT, Luc Kikkert is passionate about KIEMT’s work as a networking organisation that brings together companies and connects with other networks in order to speed along the energy transition. From its base in Arnhem, the organisation works closely with partners in northern France and Germany, as well as closer to home with the Wageningen University & Research and HAN University of Applied Sciences. Their goal is not just to create a sustainable energy market, but also to help business and organisations thrive while they’re doing so.

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