The Netherlands, a bicycle nation

When you cycle or walk around, you see much more your surroundings and enjoy them a lot more. Dutch people cycle a lot, in the city as well as in nature. The region has an excellent network of bicycle paths and routes.

Our villages and cities are well adjusted to cyclists and pedestrians. They have extensive car-free zones for pedestrians with wide, well-lit pavements, traffic islands, clearly-marked zebra crossings and pedestrian-activated crossing signals. There are many separate cycle lanes, in urban areas as well as outside the cities. The Arnhem - Nijmegen region also has the first cycle highway of the Netherlands.

You may bring your bicycle with you in the train outside rush hours for six euros. You can rent a bicycle at the major train stations in Arnhem and Nijmegen. Please ensure your bicycle is properly locked when you leave it unattended. 'Lock it or lose it' is an expression that is applicable to all major cities in the Netherlands.

Maps for interesting journeys through the historical cities and beautiful landscape of the region, can be downloaded from the regional tourism offices:



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