Rozet, the library hotspot

The Rozet can best be summed up as a place where people can explore, relax, meet, expand and develop.


The Rozet building is where the central branch of the library of Arnhem (Bibliotheek Arnhem) is located. Besides the library, the Rozet also houses het Kunstbedrijf (literally: the Art Company) the art library Kunstuitleen ToArt, Arnhem's people's university (Volksuniversiteit Arnhem) and the heritage centre Erfgoedcentrum, as well as a language school and a number of caterers. Thanks to the bringing together of these facilities, the Rozet bustles with activity. The building attracts over a million visitors every year.

Rozet Building
Rozet Building Architectural firm Neutelings Riedijk Architects designed the building that is located between the Oude and Nieuwe Oeverstraat in Arnhem. They envisioned a building that serves as an extension of the street. This is symbolised by the enormous staircase that passes through the centre of the building and connects the several cultural institutes. The staircase doesn't just serve as a linking element; it is also a meeting place. Specially created wide areas serve as seats or work places and there are various public areas bordering the staircase that are suitable for lectures or exhibitions.

Learning Dutch at Rozet Arnhem

The teachers of En nu Nederlands (located in the Rozet building) have developed short courses that are specifically designed for expats and make a stint in the Netherlands a little easier. Expats learn how to ask what time it is, how to order a beer or to how to invite their neighbours to dinner?

In a course at En nu Nederlands, students will mainly learn how to socially interact in Dutch, but attention is also paid to the culture and history of the Netherlands. Covering the daily news helps participants learn how to chat at parties or business occasions. Courses also include field trips.