9x nature in Nijmegen, discover the most beautiful greenery in and around Nijmegen

Are you in the mood for a walk? Want to discover the glorious greenery of Nijmegen? Or have you ticked off all the walks in your neighbourhood and are you looking for inspiration? We have listed a couple of our favourite green spaces in Nijmegen for you. Enjoy!

Droneshot Nijmegen by Martijn Kriens

1. Rivierpark Nijmegen
The climate is changing, which is why the water volume of rivers is growing all the time. To avoid floods, the river Waal has been given more space in over 30 places along the banks. Rivierpark Nijmegen (literally 'River Park Nijmegen') is one of these spots. To protect its villagers against the force of the water, the dike at Nijmegen- Lent has been moved 350 metres inland. This has created space for the construction of a side channel for the river Waal. This channel, the 'Spiegelwaal' (which poetically mirrors the river) allows extra capacity for water discharge at high tide, resulting in a reduced build-up of water. As a result of the dike relocation and the digging of the channel, an elongated island has been formed in the river. The island and the Spiegelwaal together make for a unique river park!

2. Ooijpolder
You have to watch your every move here. Wild horses, beavers, large geese, Galloway cattle... They are all to be found here in the Ooijpolder. This beautiful rural area is situated on the floodplains of the river Waal. It’s an important part of the larger nature reserve Geldersche Poort and is characterised by an elongated polder landscape with small hamlets or farms strewn across the land here and there.

3. Heumensoord
Do you predominantly know Heumensoord as the place where the military sets up camp during the four-day marches of the ‘Nijmeegse Vierdaagse’? That’s a shame because it’s a wonderful place to go for a hike. There are beech-lined paths and heathlands, the most beautiful parts of which you will discover during the 'Bos and Heideroute' ('forest and heath route'). All you have you to do is simply follow the red poles.

4. N70 walking route
This unique walking route takes you over the 8 ‘mountains’ – mountains to Dutch standards, these are in reality more like hills – with beautiful names such as de Boterberg, Sterrenberg and Duivelsberg (butter mountain, star mountain and devil's mountain). The path also takes you through the woods and the undulating landscape offers some splendid views out to the polders, picturesque lanes and the riverscape. Enjoy!

5. Hortus Nijmegen
On the south-east edges of Nijmegen lies the Hortus Nijmegen. It has two gardens: the Botanical garden and the Tea garden. They are separated by the Beukenlaan. And the gardens are adjacent to the University grounds and the railway line to Mook. The gardens are great for walking, silent meditation, photography or partaking in one of the workshops.

6. Goffertpark
Goffertpark, is there anyone who doesn’t know it? Every citizen of Nijmegen and even those from out of town have either been to or heard of the Goffertpark. In most cases that’ll be because events, concerts or just as an outdoor space. But did you know that you can also find a most interesting natural landscape there?

7. De Duivelsberg
Without a doubt, De Duivelsberg should be on this list as well. For a lot of ‘Nijmegenaren’ this is THE place for a good old forest hike. Regardless of how many times you’ve visited already, the forest is extremely beautiful here, with lots of viewpoints. Would you like to have a bite and a sup after your hike? Visit the pancake restaurant ‘de Duivelsberg’.

8. Groene Perron
Alongside the railway line in Nijmegen there are occasional green zones where you can go for a walk as well. At the moment, the municipality is working on connecting these green zones to create one continuous walking route from the river Waal to the forests of Heijendaal. Last year, in the city park alongside de Oude Groenewoudseweg, the green ‘Vlinderlint’ walking route has been opened.

9. Javabosje
The 'Javabosje’ is a small oasis near Galgenveld. It's a paradise for animals such as squirrels, bats, martens, owls, and other birds. Together with the surrounding gardens, it's a safe space for animals to enter and exit the neighbourhood during the day and at night. Local residents help out with the maintenance and development.

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