The Life Net

The Life Net is a public portal about living, working, studying, and doing business in the Arnhem - Nijmegen – Foodvalley area. The Economic Board hosts this portal on behalf of the Province of Gelderland and the municipalities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. The portal is meant for knowledge workers, international students and entrepreneurs, and provides basic information about the region.


Apart from being a well-connected border region with much greenery and a rich history, we harbour high-tech, creative and innovative companies, advanced universities, state-of-the-art hospitals and hubs in the fields of food, health and energy. We are proud of our exciting architecture, highly interesting museums and attractions, and much more besides. The core values that we stand for are: 'relaxed' (the people, the surroundings), 'healthy' (the economy, nature) and 'innovative' (the entrepreneurs, and training courses).

Vacancy database

A major attraction of the portal is a vacancy database that provides access to English-language vacancies within a radius of 20 km around the Arnhem – Nijmegen - Wageningen area. Our organization only provides information about the region for the people that are currently living here and for people who are interested in coming here. The Life Net doesn’t offer actual jobs or mediate with companies. Click on the company logo’s below to get redirected to their career pages and find job offers for each company. At those vacancies you will find contact information of the people who can give additional support and can help you with all your questions.


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