Mobile providers in the Netherlands

Whenever you move to another country, it can be difficult to know enough to select the right mobile operator. Roaming is an option for those with an existing contract in another country, but this has its limitations and can get expensive if you are not careful. If you are planning on staying here, you will need a Dutch phone number, be it prepaid or through a contract. Comparing providers can be a chore, so we will give you a hand. Below, we have listed only providers that offer clear contracts for non-Dutch users.

List of mobile providers

Below you can find some popular Dutch providers with English websites. We have indicated whether they are on the more affordable end of the spectrum, whether they are monthly terminable, if you can get a sim-only contract (a contract that doesn't force you to buy a phone with it), and whether you can get a 1-year contract (as opposed to a longer commitment).

Table Providers

Signing up

If you are going to sign up with one of these companies, we'd advise that you do it through their website. This usually works out cheaper than going to one of their physical shops. If you are a bit more courageous and confident in your Dutch, you can also give them a ring; the service staff are usually allowed to give away some concessions, especially if it means you will sign up with them instead of someone else. This is something that probably won't work in the shop.

Expat Mobile

One special provider that is worth mentioning, is Expat Mobile. This provider is specifically focused on expats! It's ideal for two types of travellers to the Netherlands: those who are not planning to stay for a year and those who won't meet the requirements of a contract soon enough. When you are first coming over to the Netherlands and don't have a Dutch bank account yet, for instance, this solution is ideal. Expat Mobile offers contracts, so you're not forced to get an inconvenient, expensive prepaid card, but nor do you need to get a year-long contract and have a Dutch bank account straight away. Expat Mobile is the only provider that allows you to set up before you get to the country and offers short contracts. If you are staying for a longer period, the fully integrated support of a 'regular' Dutch provider might be more practical, but for the time in between, Expat Mobile is a great help. We have summarised all the benefits of Expat Mobile below, so take a gander:

Benefits of Expat Mobile for expats coming to the Netherlands

  • Short contracts
  • Contracts can be activated before you travel to the Netherlands
  • Contract and customer support is in English
  • Great rates for international calls
  • Data included, so you can be online from day one
  • Family members can be added to the contract