The articles below cover various topics: from specific innovative breakthroughs in the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen area to discussions about things you may encounter as a newcomer to our region, or places of interest. These articles are no deep dives into a topic, but they're fun to read and will give you a bit of background on different aspects of life here. Enjoy.

Station Arnhem

Public transportation in the Netherlands

The Dutch public transport system is excellent.
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MindAffect develops a brain-computer interface

MindAffect was founded in September 2017 and had its basis in the Radboud University's Donders Institute. Currently a team consisting of ten employees of the company is working on a computer interface that you can control with brain signals.
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Rozet, the library hotspot

The Rozet can best be summed up as a place where people can explore, relax, meet, expand and develop.
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Radboud University Medical Center focuses on healthy employees

The Healthy Professionals programme has been ongoing at Radboudumc for the past year. With the help of a personal coach, employees learn how they can organise their lives in a healthier way.
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The Netherlands, a bicycle nation

When you cycle or walk around, you see much more your surroundings and enjoy them a lot more. Dutch people cycle a lot, in the city as well as in nature. The region has an excellent network of bicycle paths and routes.
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Getting around

Public transport is well organised and comfortable. A bus, train or taxi will quickly get you to any location in the region and the rest of the Netherlands.